Long-long time ago got this pretty makcik who enjoys whipping up a storm in the kitchen. Popularly known by her moniker “Makbibik”, her culinary journey has taken her to many places over the years and now, she aspires to spread her love for food to all as part of her retirement plan (see la, government make you work until old).

With a medley of Boyanese and Javanese influences, Makbibik’s specialty – the Sambal Goreng Pengantin – grew to become one of her greatest accomplishment. Try it for yourself, confirm plus chop you’ll come back for more one!


Our mothers’ elegant cobalt and white china collection that has been passed down by generations displayed neatly in a mahogany cabinetry – that image perfectly summed up our childhood! 

To convey its nostalgia, real life inspirations and digital mindset, we designed the logo, color palette, website, brand collateral, marketing material and campaigns to evoke the fondest memories of what family means to us.